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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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launching with a massive amount of social media and snoop lion has tweeted about this. snoop dog changed his name to snoop lion because he changed his image around the gun issue. mc hammer as tweeted and governor brown and, of course, jack dorsey will tweet and what's important in the conversation that we had we said one of the bad things about social media it does allow you to communicate to people without talking to them. so finally today, we're going to use social media to increase
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conversations between grade school and high school kids and use this to stop isolation. i think today is a very, very important day and congratulations to you the ask the >> yeah. good afternoon.
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welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors land use and economic development committee - there weigh were welcome to the board of supervisors land use and economic development committee. i'm scott wagner the chairman of the committee and david chu the member of the member and supervisor london breed is here for supervisor jane kim. our clerk is lisa miller and i want to thank jennifer low >> and madam clerk any announcements. >> please make sure to silence any cell phones and other devises. items acted upon will appear on the october 8th agenda.
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>> thank you. can i have a motion to - >> this is for the public rules of evidence to install and maintain operator facilities. >> thank you very much i want to call up mta staff and i want to note that i have an amendment that i will be considering the way it that resolution is drafted it would be arguably addressed to add for facilities and weren't going to approve two of the facilities today. >> all right. let me open - there we go >> i'm the project manager for
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the operator restroom project for the mta. as of the muni operators work we have 2 thousand operators that work on 76 transit lines throughout the city. many of the routes are long. their job is challenging in the best of worlds and working without easy access to restrooms makes it difficult. let's see they if they don't have easy access they can call 702 meaning they have to go off route which effects our performs. our key strategies is to find license with the local businesses to find restroom. we longtime free public
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restrooms for our operators 23 that's not valuable we go to our own field operator restrooms. the reasons listed on page 2 - i'm sorry. they can be the business is not sfuf close to the terminal or it's inappropriate or the common one is the business operation hours don't match the operator hours. often the size of the restroom that facilities is not adequate and smoking gun sometimes don't meet our access ability requirements. the two sides we're proposing they are listed here 48 and ortega. those are the projects that are
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proposing four sites but two sites are not in the city jurisdiction to ortega and 25 are the two sites included in the resolution. if you go - our firefighting first, you site is or tag. the challenges were there were no local businesses so we are proposing installing a bulb out to allow to maintain our path of travel on the sidewalks and allow us to install the restrooms near the terminal. we had an outreach with the neighbors and no protest were submitted. overall they were very supportive. our next site is ca trespasser and 25th. the challenges at this location
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were the free restrooms were two far away or is restrooms were too small and east. the units at the nearby playground were credit card unsafe so we move forward with building the operator restrooms. we coordinated with the neighbors to confirm the final location. we went through two or three and settled on this location. certainly while i was on site the neighbors were excited about this unit going in so at least we can get rid of the portable now. anyway that's the quick summary.
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any questions >> oh, supervisor breed. >> yes. i had a question about the - were there any suggestions of making the - making them a little bit for beautiful with artwork or anything like that. >> i believe the going - we didn't have the funding to pursue the maintenance of a measure relay. the prefabs were finished with their prefab koets to having a mural contradicts the final selfish >> are there any members of the public expressed interest in the art for this facility. >> not that i'm aware of.
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>> okay. >> i have a question follow-up on the last comment. i think this statement that because of the need which we all agree with to have a graffiti right-hand turn coating on the boxes it therefore prevents artwork or mural painted on the obtains. so do you do - can someone put artwork on one of those bathrooms and then coded it with the graffiti resistance on top of that. there should be a way to have both >> i don't know i'd have to look but i'll do. >> it goes beyond the stuff on
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our sidewalk. and was there any neighborhood opposition to any of those items >> no not that i'm aware of. >> colleagues any additional public r comments. oh, mr. quan will you be speaking from the police department >> i'm from the department of public works. we have a request from mta in order for the facilities to be through the board we're here to facilitate the process in this case by moving forward with the encroachment project. the facilities has been approved by planning and by the city organization the technical organization who review those
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locations. it's been reviewed by the department as far as the technical aspects so we can move this forward >> and in terms of the major encroachment can be removed. >> only the mayor can remove those. >> the board of supervisors can revoke the permit. >> that's correct. >> i have a question for ms.cardiograph 90 one half. >> obviously this is all a balance. we want to make sure that muni drives who have a hard job and are in the buses dealing with all sorts of things and urging the restrooms and we want to make sure they can use the
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restrooms in a humane process. we know they workout this with the merchant and, of course, the restroom has to be private and accessible and there's issues that needs to be basically twenty-four hours. so there needs to be access all day and night i know that could be challenging. but if the facility if we authorized placement of those facilities will mta be doing any kind of monitoring like in eight or ten years from now that restroom is no longer necessary because of a route change or another restroom that covers what's needed or let's say a 24 supermarket with a buff restroom opens up will there be any way
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to consider whether to remove the restroom. even if we approve them their obviously not ideal so can you comment on that >> well, certainly we're also going through analysis of the routes where they're related to and who are they're serving so that's on ongoing thing. as the routes changed in shift and a terminals move we can relook at that. let's say mary did you want to add anything? pr >> part of the question is the performing of those there won't be any conceptual problem. >> in order to be removed they have to be did i connected from
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utilizes and stored in another location. it's not impossible not at all >> but you won't have to you're not under contract. >> no. >> and there's not going to be any advertising. >> i'm the senior operation manager for transit management for the sfmta. just to make a point i think the question is whether or not we could remove those if there's a change in service. as you know, we provide serve throughout this city and i think that, you know, we're also looking for more efficient ways to provide serve to our community and the people who use the transit. so whatever given up to this
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time we ascertain there is no need for a restroom at a location we'll approach everyone who makes the decision and we'll do this in partnership with the operators >> thank you very much. and thank you to both vice president's >> okay. at this time, we'll open up for public comment on item one. i have one public comment card mr. williams you can come on up. if there are other folks who wish to speak fill out a card >> good afternoon. we thank you for hearing this. this has been a long-standing issue and at the end of the day it focuses our - focuses our
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constituents. so thank you for bringing this up and with all respect the particular issues surrounding the graffiti paint on there a that's been addressed in the budget so in terms of shrubbery we did our homework. we couldn't make it much better but they pushed us and the agency and team did a good job. now again, when we talk about this restroom issue were we're not talking about pitting ott roormz ail over san francisco it will lie with the mta and the t e public works, if you will, to make sure those routes are put in a particular location where
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restrooms are available for operators. right now there is no restrooms. that's not the boards problem or the units problem that is the agencies problem to make sure they situate those routes at particular locations where our members can have the ability to use a respectable restroom. so we thank you and hopefully, this will move forward to the board >> thank you very much. any additional comment on item one seeing none, public comment is closed >> president chiu. >> is it true mr. chair and i want to thank all the stakeholder. i know when we heard about this the issues of the comprehend $170,000 and i think we all
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share a desire to spend a few thousand dollars a year to work out arrangements with businesses. given the fact we have the dense public rules of evidence anything we can do to minimize that. my office had an opportunity to sit down with the representatives of our transit workers and sfmta and i understand we're all looking at moving those facilities and i trust that's happening and i understand that those particular facilities there's a need for them and certainly want to make sure that our transit operators are taken place and with that i'm happy to support the proposal and am looking forward to an ongoing proposal to support those and a supervisor breed >> thank you.
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what's the annual maintenance comforted and the maintenance plan for those restrooms? >> i'm not sure of the costs but your facility staff will be maintaining those units either with a daily or twice daily visits. >> and mr. williams made a point about the fact you had go on gone to the arts commission about those facilities. am i to understand that the arts commission supported the reverend before us >> that's correct. >> so there were no suggestions or discussion around art related work for those facilities? any construction project in the city has to fund a certain percentage towards art.
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because the budget was small which would not go - would not be enough sufficient to fund artwork so it's being poodle with some other funds informing towards another art item i believe a piece within the city >> in the compacted area? >> i'm not sure i'd have to look. >> okay. mr. williams if you want to address. >> if - if you'd like to call mr. williams up out objection. >> actually, i just came in on board i was at every arts committee mission. they spoke of the art but when
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you're talking about downtown opposed to outer neighborhoods you want something that brings the focus up. this was from the arts commission & so not so much a mural but the gray or green paint >> thank you. i think the what i'm trying to figure out is united nations was there any interest and you said there wasn't an interest in the community to try to make those facilities more artistic and so i have, of course, a personal preference to put art all over the city and to biff the
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neighborhood. there's mosaics that are easy to clean and other grant opportunity. so for future i know we're good to be looking at throughout the city and i'd like to see more innovative ways to match dollars to biff the communities through art. thank you >> thank you, colleagues. so i want to thank the mta for the work that's done to bring this forward. i know it's been a many, many year process and a winding process in solving for a vexing issue in terms of making sure that the operators have consistent and humane access to restrooms. which this first came up i know that i and president chiu had
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expressed some concerns about this. i think part of it was the larger number the ultimate global number and it seemed like it was just a lot. so i think the way it mta is approaching it is the right one to go step by set up a restroom by restroom. and so i think it's a good approach. i'm prepared to support those encroachment permits. in terms of artwork. that's always a case by case situation. people may not want as mr. williams said to call attention took it i don't want something bright. there are other areas where people want that. i know that should be part of
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the conversation and i hope there's a way to put art on it and make graffiti right-hand turn. i think we had a situation in a church where a utilize box got beautiful artwork but the mta with a problem with the box had to remove it and there was an uproar. i know that mta is going to return that but in neighborhoods there are neighborhoods that point art on something that may not be attractive of itself. we have the amendments i've distributed we're only approving the encroachments on 25th avenue
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and or tag. so colleagues, can we take those amendments without objection? >> just to clarify we strike the 4 and maintain the 2? >> yes. and actually in the resolution that mta had originally submitted i think neither of those numbers was there it said we're including the two locations. >> okay. >> and then on the third page there's also a clarification so can we take those amendments without objection. there's adopted and favored to the full board? okay without objection that's the full order >> madam clerk, call item 4. >> it's an ordinance with the
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planning code rifkt use district. >> and supervisor cowen has requested we continue this item to october 7th. so i'll taken a motion after public comment. is there that i public comment on the expected motion to continue. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues can i have a motion to continue it one week on october 7th. item 3 is a hearing directing the transportation protection agency on muni bikes >> i thank you and i called for this hearing. and colleagues that hearing will focus on double parking including the impacts on our transportation city and county
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system as well as the transportation policies and endorsement around double parking. it's fairly rampant in commercial corridors. private vehicles we see them stopped in the middle of the street has the drive runs errands and at the scene of the accidents are stopped in the middle of streets even if there's a place for them to pull over and we see driver trucks. and sometimes even when there's a yellow sdpoen for them to use. sometimes there's no where for them to pull over but sometimes, the driver doesn't bother to pull over when they can. there's a total disregard on
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restrictions on what the impacts are in terms of the traffic flow and safety and there's a disregard even for considering other optioned like pulling over in front of the curb cut. the impacts are quite significant. there are times when you see one double-parked vehicle cause traffic jams for blocks and blocks. we see situations where double-parked vehicles bloke muni lines. sometimes, the bus can pull around through this causes a delay. and on our vehicle lines, of course, they can't go side to side. we see those vehicles grinned to a halt.
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we regularly see them blocking bike lanes and bikes have to go out of the bike lanes and into traffic. that can be unsafe because of the constant merging and we also see double parking blocking pedestrian sightlines particularly when their near a crosswalk. enforcement is theries. there are times when deliver vehicles have to double park because there's no where to pull over or yellow zone. and in fact there's a expectation in the vehicle code
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if they're not blocking a muni line if there's no where for them to pull offer and and so forth. but it's gotten to an extreme point when some double parking if really necessary but otherwise the law is to be obeyed. and unfortunately, when outside of downtown in the sylmar area. so before we start the presentation from the mta and we're going to hear from the mta and the police department and the small business division i want to invite of mr. taylor. i want to thank him for organizing that and we put out a call on facebook 80 for


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